Oil and Gas

  • Oil Process

    Oil Process

    Project subject: oil development and refinery in Kazakhstan
    Project introduction:In order to meet the demand of domestic oil products, ensure national energy security, kazakhstan’s state oil and gas company, Mr Kent, pavlodar, mu three oil refineries began a massive renovation and modernisation.
    Product name: SSAW
    Specification: API 5L ASTM A 53 8″ 12″ SCH40/SCH80
    Quantity: 600MT
  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    Project subject: natural gas engineering in Romania
    Project introduction: The roles of the project is for a natural gas engineering between Romania and Bulgaria, the pipe need to pass through Plains, hills,that is to say, the construction and operating is quite difficult.
    Product name: SSAW
    Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65 24″
    Quantity: 5000MT
    Year: 2012
    Country: Romania
  • Oil Transport

    Oil Transport

    Project subject: oil transportation engineering in Brazil
    Project introduction: The project is mainly focus on the oil transportation.the oil pipeline go through hill to one city of Brazil in order to smelter for a variety of purposes.
    Product name: SSAW
    Specification: API 5L X60 10″ 18″
    Quantity: 8000MT
    Year: 2012
    Country: Brazil
  • Casing


    Project subject: Oil & Gas Corporation Project in Vietnam
    Project introduction: Vietnam Oil & Gas Corporation – PETRO VIETNAM constructed the Product Export Port under the Dung Quat Refinery Project at Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. The marine loading jetty consists of three jetty heads each with two berths.
    Product name: SSAW
    Specification: API 5CT J55 508.00 11.13.16(mm)
    Quantity: 1530MT
    Year: 2007
    Country: Vietnam
  • Oil field

    Oil field

    Project subject: oil field in Venezuela
    Project introduction: Building the pipeline from Venezuela’s oil fields across Colombia to the Pacific,pipeline would carry Venezuela’s heavy crude from the Orinoco River basin as well as Colombian oil.
    Product name: SSAW
    Specification: API 5L X42,X46,X70 8″-24″ 6.35mm-19.1mm
    Quantity: 12500MT
    Year: 2006
    Country: Venezuela
  • Fluid


    Project subject: low voltage liquid transportation in China-Africa
    Project introduction: The project mainly services in low voltage liquid transportation in city and city,which is a large engineering project in country.
    Product name: SSAW
    Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65,X70 24″
    Quantity: 12500MT
    Year: 2011
    Country: China-Africa
  • Oil Gas Pipe

    Oil Gas Pipe

    Project subject: Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline (Adcop) project
    Project introduction: The Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline (Adcop) project will allow the UAE to bypass the critical Straits of Hormuz as tensions mount between Iran and the West. The pipeline would link state oil firm Abu Dhabi National Oil Co’s Habshan oilfields to the port of Fujairah, one of the top three bunkering hubs and a major oil storage terminal outside the Straits and on the Gulf of Oman.
    Product name: SMLS
    Specification: API 5L PSL2 X52 6″ 8″ &12″ SCH40,SCH 80, STD,XS
    Quantity: 2005MT
    Year: 2011
    Country: UAE
  • Pipeline transport

    Pipeline transport

    Project subject: Pipeline transport in Iran
    Project introduction: Pipeline transport is the transportation of goods through a pipe. Most commonly, liquids and gases are sent, but pneumatic tubes using compressed air can also transport solid capsules.
    Product name: LSAW
    Specification: API 5L X52, OD:20″, WT:15.8mm
    Quantity: 6574MT
  • Pipeline for NICO

    Pipeline for NICO

    Project subject: Pipeline for NICO in Iran
    Project introduction:To export oil to Afghanistan, Iran is building 25 kilometers oil pipeline.The pipe connects Afghanistan and Iran’s economy.
    Product name: LSAW Nace
    Specification: API 5L X52 PSL2 30″
    Quantity: 6861MT
  • Gas Pipeline

    Gas Pipeline

    Project subject: gas pipeline project in Trinidad
    Project introduction:The project mainly is the development of gas resources in Trinidad, used for urban construction, such as chemical, electric power, etc
    Product name: LSAW
    Specification: API 5L GR.B PSL1 48″ 12″
    Quantity: 2643MT
  • Liquefied Gas

    Liquefied Gas

    Project subject: National Gas Pipe in Australia
    Project introduction: Australia is a major exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), with considerable potential for further development based on its abundant resources of natural gas.
    Product name: LSAW
    Specification: API 5L X42,X46 24″ 11MM
    Quantity: 13900MT
    Year: 2008
    Country: Australia
  • West-East Gas

    West-East Gas

    Project subject: West-East Gas Pipeline Project in China
    Project introduction: The West-East Gas Pipeline Project is an important part of the grand strategy of developing the West. It helps connect the resources in the West with the market in the East,Under the West-East Gas Pipeline Project, a 4200 kilometer pipeline will be built to transmit the natural gas from Tarim Basin to Shanghai and Zhejiang Province via Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu, supplying the provinces along the line with natural gas for civil and industrial use alike.
    Product name: LSAW
    Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65 20″
    Quantity: 26708.9MT
    Year: 2010
    Country: China