• Shipbuilding


    Project subject: Shipbuilding in Colombia
    Project introduction:Shipbuilding is the construction of ships and floating vessels. It normally takes place in a specialized facility known as a shipyard.
    Product name: SMLS
    Specification: API 5L, GR.B, size:5 0 8 *sch80/sch120
    Quantity: 817MT
  • Civil Construction

    Civil Construction

    Project subject: Civil Construction in Panama
    Project introduction:this is a large government office building, by way of bidding, the requirements are very strict.
    Product name: SMLS
    Specification: ASTM A53 3″ 4″
    Quantity: 350MT
  • Coast Engineering

    Coast Engineering

    Project subject: Pacifica Ocean Coastal Engineering in Singapore
    Project introduction: The Pacifica Ocean Coastal is one of the best kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest. As a result of this and the fact that the beaches are a bit harder to get to, Washington’s beaches are generally secluded, lonely and beautiful.
    Product name: SMLS
    Specification: API 5L/ASTM A106/ASTM A53 GR.B 6″-34″
    Quantity: 4950MT
    Year: 2011
  • Coastal Protection

    Coastal Protection

    Project subject: Coastal Protection in Mexico
    Project introduction: Protect coastal towns, farmland, maturity and development, prevent the flooding of storm surge, attacks against the waves, currents, and scour of all kinds of engineering facilities.
    Product name: ERW
    Specification: ASTM A53,GR.B 273*7.75
    Quantity: 1500MT
  • Highways Construction

    Highways Construction

    Project subject: Highways Construction in South Africa
    Project introduction:Highway structure mainly refers to the concrete construction of subgrade, such as: culvert, channel, bridge (not overpass), ditches and water drainage ditches, concrete slope protection, concrete slope drainage (jet trough), the retaining wall.
    Product name: ERW
    Specification: API 5L,GR.B 219*6.75
    Quantity: 1000MT
    Country:South Africa
  • Bridge Construction

    Bridge Construction

    Project subject: Marine engineering in Australia
    Project introduction: Bridge engineering refers to the survey, design, construction, maintenance and calibration work process, in terms of bridge materials, with high strength, light weight, low cost for selecting the main basis, still give priority to with development of the traditional steel and concrete, improve its strength and durability.
    Product name: ERW
    Specification: API 5L,GR.B, size:609*12
    Quantity: 1128Meters